Velasquez and Burne Jones

Still Life Painting – Velasquez and Burne Jones

Velasquez and Burn Jones  |  24×30 inches  |  Oil on Canvas

I am excited to share this new still life painting with you. Velasquez and Burne Jones was painted for the prestigious art show, Artists for the New Century. The artists for this invitational show were nominated by the editors of American Art Collector, Southwest Art, and Fine Art Conniosseur magazines. The textures and the way the light play on the fresh fruit contrasts with the earthiness of old leather-bound volumes. I simply I loved painting it. Artist for the New Century will run June 6 and runs through July 14, 2012 at The Bennington Center for the Arts, Bennington, Vermont.

1 thoughts on “Velasquez and Burne Jones

  1. Miche Rutledge says:

    I love this painting. The beautiful translucence of the orange slice and grapes in the Caravaggio-esque light just staggers me.

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