Fruit Collection

Meyer Lemons | 16×20 in. | oil on panel

Fruit Collection of paintings by Michael Lynn Adams
I love everything about fruit that makes them so beautiful. The rich colors and textures are alluring. Light is so playful on them, dancing, sparkling, sometimes glowing, and softly reflecting. The variations are endlessly fascinating. They’re always a challenge to paint. Creating the luminous effect of light play on them is a special joy. I hope each painting reflects the joy I receive in painting them.

Who knew they’re fruit?
As I created this fruit painting collection, I discovered that some of my “models” were not vegetables, but fruit. Who knew olives, avocados, and tomatoes were fruit and not vegetables? As it turns out, a fruit is a ripened flower ovary and contains seeds. Tomatoes are exactly that. Avocados are large berries with a single seed. Olives are small berries with a single seed. I know that to be true about tomatoes, but I only learned it about olives and avocados after painting and eating, them for years. Art can be so educational, ha.

Fruit Collection


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