Art & Soul Ashland Gallery’s mission is to connect each of our clients with art that inspires them!  Their collection is curated with the goal of giving people a variety of deep personal experiences. From award winning painters and potters, to young artists exploring cutting-edge designs and techniques, the variety of works at the gallery makes it a wonderful place to contemplate and explore.

Art & Soul artists are carefully selected for their mastery and passion. Which enables the gallery to offer exceptional art and contemporary craft in a spacious and relaxed gallery.

Art & Soul Ashland is the child of Art & Soul Gallery, a longstanding and vibrant part of the Ashland community for over 20 years.  In 2022, the gallery was reborn under the direction of Kathy Morawiec, artist and long-time member of the gallery.

247 E Main Street
Ashland, Oregon
Monday: CLOSED

Tuesday-Saturday: 10AM-6PM
Sunday: 12:00 PM – 4:00 PM
(541) 880-4100

Available Artwork - Art and Soul Gallery


12x24 inches | Oil on Canvas


16x20 inches | Oil on Canvas


18x24 inches | Oil on Canvas


11x14 inches | Oil on Linen Panel


15x30 inches | Oil on Canvas


7x21 inches | Oil on Panel


9x12 inches | Oil on Canvas Panel