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Zorn Limited Palette

Andres Leonard Zorn (1860-1920) is known for using a limited palette. It is believed that Zorn reduced his palette to as few as three rather earthy colors – Yellow Ochre, Cadmium Red Medium, Ivory Black plus White. There seems to be some disagreement over the exact number of colors on his palette. Some lists add Vermillion, Viridian, and/or Cerulean Blue.

Crystal Gazing and a Limited Palette

Recently old photographs of my family have fascinated and inspired me to reinterpret them in paint. Its a special way to connect to some really wonderful people. Here, for example, is my aunt Lolo, and my father, Richard in 1927. They were Americans both born in Paris, France during the 1920s when my grandfather, Lewis Adams, was studying architecture at the École des Beaux Arts.

Leather Box
Short Video Demo

This leather box originally belonged to my grandfather, Lewis G. Adams. He has been my life-long inspiration and hero. An American art student in Paris during the 1920’s, he became a major architect in New York City. He was also an accomplished watercolor painter. Above all, he was one of the most creative, funny, generous and compassionate human beings I ever knew.

Meyer Lemons
Annotated Video Demo

Meyer lemons are wonderful. They have a magic balance of tart and sweet. Perfect for making all manner of tasty treats. My favorite? Margaritas! The bounty of lemons arrives in late fall to early winter. I love that summer sunshine is packed in these beautiful fruit. These lemons were picked from a tree in our back yard and sliced in front of our kitchen window. The window faces south inviting the sunlight to flood in.

Santa Rita Hills
Annotated Video Demo

This is the view from the Lafond Winery’s picnic area in Santa Barbara wine country’s Santa Rita Hills. Lafond is hands down our favorite Santa Barbara County winery. The tasting room manager and staff are good friends as is the winemaker. Plus, many items we have purchased from their wonderful gift shop that have found their way into my paintings.

Peeled Lemon
Short Video Demo

The theme of this little painting, Peeled Lemons, is a favorite of mine – peeled fresh fruit with old books. This book is a prayer book dated 1715. I love the mix of textures. The intertwining of old and new intrigues me. The fleeting freshness of the lemon’s peel and juicy meat dried within hours of being peeled. The peel almost embraces the prayer book, a treasured possession of a now forgotten man or woman whose notes, written nearly 300 years ago, can be discovered on its pages.

White Mums – Part 2

The mums are coming along just fine. After the initial block in and color lift I contoured the vase a bit and worked on the flower pedals. And bottom row the blossoms have become quite yellow. That is all part of the plan. That under painting, along with the in red in the shadows under […]