Morning – Part 2


Morning – demonstration part 2


Untitled - lifting highlights continued
Morning – lifting highlights continued

• The strong overhead light and reflected light bouncing all over the place in the bathroom are elements I am concentrating on here. I continued lifting to create highlights. Lifting is a technique of rubbing away the under painting leaving different values of color as more or less of the white primer shows through. Basically, this in an exercise in drawing with a dry brush, paper towels and fingers.

When completed the painting will be about texture, color temperature and light. I am really interested in the sensual interplay of the cool colors of the walls, the color and texture of the towel, and the soft warm flesh of the model’s back.

Of course at this stage you cannot appreciate the color interplay since I haven’t introduced much color yet. Be patient. It should be worth the wait if all goes well.

Untitled - lifting the highlights continued
Morning – lifting the highlights continued

4 thoughts on “Morning – Part 2

  1. michaellynnadams says:

    primarily burnt umber. However to cool the shadows I added the very small bit of viridian and prussian blue. The viridian will make more sense when I post the next stage.

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