Morning – Part 1


Morning – demonstration part 1 of 3


Untitled - drawing
Morning – under drawing

• I thought is was time to mix it up a little bit after a year of still life paintings. For the past week I have been working on this figure. For reasons I do not completely understand I like to linger on figurative paintings. Taking my time. In this case my beautiful wife – the love of my life for more than 25 years – is the model. This is a moment from her morning routine. Everyday life can be so rich with wonderful moments. I love the “S” curve of her back and contrast of texture and soft cool color of the walls and towel against the warmth of her skin.

The under drawing is a simple graphite pencil on a white oil primed linen panel. I followed that with washes of burnt umber with touch of yellow ochre. There is also a touch of Prussian blue toward the lower left of the painting. After allowing a short time for the washes to dry slightly a lift technique it used to indicate the highlights showing the primary, overhead, light source. To lift the under painting I use paper towels, brushes, finger tips – anything that I can find to give me the shape and texture I want to achieve. The most important thing I have in mind throughout this process is keeping the integrity of the drawing and composition.

Untitled - under painting and lifted highlights
Morning – under painting and lifted highlights



1 thoughts on “Morning – Part 1

  1. D'Ann Moulton says:

    As always I see your new figurative art is going to be a masterpiece. I look forward to seeing the progress of it. Please be sure to keep the FB Sensual Arts group posted. And if you will please post the final piece on the gallery.

    Michael, thank you so much for sharing this link.


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