The Meyer Lemon

Meyer lemon straight from our garden

 Meyer Lemon | 12x 16 inches | Oil on Linen on Birch Panel

A Meyer Lemon is nothing like your ordinary store-bought lemon. Its skin smoother with a color that leans toward gold. Their juice is sweet with a hint of orange through the subtle tartness. The truth is I am infatuated by their look, especially when washed by the southern light from our kitchen window. Even though our tree is loaded with these wonderful fruits in the winter, they remind me of warm summer days. With hundred of lemons harvested every years we are always looking for new lemon recipes. You can only eat so many lemon bars or drink so many Margaritas. Suggestions?

2 thoughts on “The Meyer Lemon

  1. Deb Schmit says:

    Michael your paintings are fantastic! I just read your post as guest blogger on Alyson Stanfield’s Art Biz Blog. Such great advice for cultivating collectors. I have an up coming show and am going to try out your advice. One thing missing in my bag of marketing tools…simple index cards to jot down notes. Thank you!

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