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Lily Pad Gallery | Watch Hill, RI
Owner and founder of the Lily Pad galleries, Wivi-Anne Weber, Ph.D., built her their foundation on the simple idea of bringing visual beauty into our everyday experience. With a history spanning over 30 years, The Lily Pad Gallery is dedicated to exhibiting the finest quality realism, naturalism, impressionism, and abstract works of art.

Lily Pad Gallery
1 Beach Street
Watch Hill, RI
(401) 559-2988

Lily Pad West Gallery | Milwaukee, WI
Lily Pad West Gallery opened in early 2015 as part of Milwaukee’s renaissance.

Gallery owners, Terry and Alan, believe “that beauty lifts up, not only the individual human, but it also lifts up the culture, the space, the town, and the city. Without it, cities tend to crumble in upon themselves.” Terry believes that “Art is very community-based. Not only did someone else paint it, but it can go home with you. And it can be something you have from the world at large, to lift your soul and spirit every day. When you buy art for yourself, for your personal living space, that’s a friendship and a relationship that will follow you to the end of days.” I am proud to be a part of Lily Pad Galleries – Lily Pad West and in their sister gallery, – the original Lily Pad Gallery in White Hill, RI.

Lily Pad Gallery West
215 N Broadway
Milwaukee, WI
(414) 509-5756

Browse my online gallery for all available paintings.



16x20 inches | Oil on Canvas


12x16 inches | Oil on Canvas


12x16 inches | Oil on Arches Huile Paper


8x16 inches | Oil on Linen Panel

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