Petite Déjeuner de Pain

Petite Déjeuner de Pain

Petite Déjeuner de Pain 
|  20 x 16 inches  |  Oil on Linen Panel

St. Remy in Provence offers so many sensual treats. Golden sunrise – didn’t see many of those as we also love to sleep in. The herbs and flowers in the garden awaken giving subtle hints of their afternoon perfume  But the best is the fragrance of  coffee and fresh baked French breads. Flaky or crisp crusted, French breads are the best in the world. I loved the contrast of the woven basket, white cotton lining and the golden breads. On a weathered teak table under a canopy of trees with that soft Provencal morning sunlight – what a great way to wake up my sleepy eyes.

3 thoughts on “Petite Déjeuner de Pain

  1. jesus says:

    Hi, Michael, French bread must be the best in the world, but you are one of the best painter of bread and baskets. I have being inspired by your work since February that I discover your existence by the internet and I must confess I did copy one of your paintings (wine glass, bread, and grapes) as an exercise not with intention of selling it. I consider you as a poet of painting. I like your work and I hope to see more in the future. Cheers Jesus Estevez.
    by the way , the basket gave me a lot of problems.

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