Wine and art pairing

Fall Vineyard by Michael Lynn Adams

A beautiful pairing of wine and art at Platt Anderson Cellars

Seven of my food, wine, and vineyard paintings are on view and for sale at Platt Anderson Cellars in Ashland, Oregon through August.

Platt Anderson is unique in that their winery is located within the city limits of Ashland, Oregon. Each batch of wine is handcrafted with meticulous attention to every detail from soil quality to the character of grapes during each growing season. They carefully select quality grapes from some of the best and most prestigious vineyards in the Rogue and Umpqua Valleys, and have been producing award-winning wines since 2013.

Platt Anderson’s knowledgeable staff pour wines from across Southern Oregon making it a great place to learn about these amazing regional wines. It’s a perfect first stop when sampling Southern Oregon’s wines.

Platt Anderson Cellars
357 E. Main Street.
Ashland, Oregon

Open Thursday-Sunday 2-6PM


Oregon Landscapes
96 Main Gallery
Ashland, Oregon

Cuisine Still Life
Lily Pad Galleries
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Platt Anderson Cellars - AVAILABLE PAINTINGS


5×7 inches | Oil on Panel


9x12 inches | Oil on Canvas Panel


18x24 inches | Oil on Linen Panel


9x12 inches | Oil on Canvas Panel


16x20 inches | Oil on Canvas


16x12 inches | Oil on Canvas


16x20 inches | Oil on Canvas

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