Still Life Painting: Chardin, Vermeer and Friends

November 20, 2009
Sometimes I feel compelled to paint a subject for no reason other than to satisfy an obsession. This is one of those times. The books belonged to my grandfather. Given to him in 1910 and subsequently came into my possession. As realist still life painter I feel a connection to Chardin, one of the

Shutters in Arles

October 29, 2009
There was something a little melancholy about Arles. Beauty is found there. At the heart of the city, I was surprised and impressed by the well preserved Roman amphitheater and the arena - which is undergoing a very dramatic restoration. Of course Arles' most famous - perhaps infamous - resident

Sunshine Bowl
Short Video Demo

October 8, 2009
The copper bowl used in Sunshine Bowl is usually on our mantle. We filled it full of ripe Meyer lemons from a backyard tree. I am always amazed at the bounty of fresh citrus we get in the winter. Lemons often make an appearance in my paintings. They symbolize life. Storing energy from the summer

Petite Déjeuner de Pain

September 24, 2009
St. Remy in Provence offers so many sensual treats. Golden sunrise - didn't see many of those as we also love to sleep in. The herbs and flowers in the garden giving up subtle hints of their afternoon perfume But the best is the fragrance of coffee and fresh baked French breads. Flaky or crisp

Visit to Provence

July 1, 2009
Penny and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary with a trip to Paris and Provence. This was our first time in Provence and it was a revelation. The light, the history, the food, the people and beauty of this region of France exceeded what we had hoped

Morning – Part 3

May 19, 2009
Morning – demonstration part 3   • More color is beginning to appear. This painting is all about warm against cool color and the values cast by the light. I am keeping the color thin to take advantage of the linen texture. I really don’t want the brush strokes to distract from

Morning – Part 2

April 22, 2009
Morning – demonstration part 2   • The strong overhead light and reflected light bouncing all over the place in the bathroom are elements I am concentrating on here. I continued lifting to create highlights. Lifting is a technique of rubbing away the under painting leaving different

Morning – Part 1

April 20, 2009
Morning – demonstration part 1 of 3   • I thought is was time to mix it up a little bit after a year of still life paintings. For the past week I have been working on this figure. For reasons I do not completely understand I like to linger on figurative paintings. Taking my time. In