Showcase at Lafond Winery

September 9, 2014
I am very excited to announce this event. Lafond Winery is not only our favorite winery, it is also where I find many of the objects you see in my paintings. So I was honored when they asked to showcase my paintings in their new Santa Barbara tasting room. The tasting room is in the fabulous Funk

Rue Mouffetard: The Story Behind the Art

November 21, 2013
Ah Paris! It has been a few years since we have been in Paris but the memories of the beautiful city are intoxicating. Rue Mouffetard is an area of Paris' Left Bank not far from Notre Dame and the Latin Quarter, that has a fantastic open-air market. The aroma of flowers, produce, pastries, and

Three Paintings in Richard Schmid Auction to Help Firefighters

August 8, 2013
I am very happy to announce that three of my paintings were selected for the 18th Annual Richard Schmid Fine Art Auction. Selected by Richard Schmid's daughter, Molly Schmid, the painting join works from many nationally acclaimed artists to be auctioned to support the Rist Canyon Volunteer Fire

The Adventurers: The Story Behind the Painting

May 22, 2013
The Adventurers is my salute to my first art hero, Winslow Homer. His paintings of endless summer days, Breezing Up, Snap the Whip, his watercolors of the Bahamas. I love the carefree feeling he created of being in nature and embracing life. He also had the amazing gift to create timeless and

White Mums – Part 2

May 14, 2013
The mums are coming along just fine. After the initial block in and color lift I contoured the vase a bit and worked on the flower pedals. And bottom row the blossoms have become quite yellow. That is all part of the plan. That under painting, along with the in red in the shadows under them

White Mums – Part 1

May 6, 2013
  White Mums features a blue and white vase with white chrysanthemums (of course). Unlike most of the flowers I use, these were not from our garden but store bought from a charming little flower store inside a local super market, ha. I love the way light plays with the surfaces, especially the

The Beautiful Blend of Wine and Art

February 22, 2013
Wine is part of my ritual when I paint in the afternoons and evenings. A single glass will last me for hours. It is the mood that the music and wine creates that I love. It makes me feel creative and energized. I imagine how the painting might be enjoyed in someones home enveloped by the same

Velasquez and Burne Jones

May 22, 2012
Velasquez and Burne Jones was painted for the prestigious art show, Artists for the New Century. The artists for this invitational show were nominated by the editors of American Art Collector, Southwest Art, and Fine Art Conniosseur magazines. The textures and the way the light play on the fresh

I Love M. Graham Oil Paints

May 11, 2011
I have been oil painting for nearly four decades and have never been happier than when I paint with M. Graham & Co. walnut oil based paints. Over the years I have tried nearly every high-priced professional art oils on the market and I keep coming back to M.

NOVOREALISM: The Realist Revolution

April 7, 2010
For the past few years a revolution of new realism in art has gained momentum. Now it has a name -

The Meyer Lemon

February 22, 2010
A Meyer Lemon is nothing like your ordinary store-bought lemon. Its skin smoother with a color that leans toward gold. Their juice is sweet with a hint of orange through the subtle tartness. The truth is I am infatuated by their look, especially when washed by the southern light from our kitchen

Books for an Artist’s Studio

January 22, 2010
I love books. Not just to use them as models, but to actually read them. I have compiled this list from my bookshelves and the recommendations from several artists