Crystal Gazing and a Limited Palette

February 21, 2017
Looking into the Crystal Ball 1927      20×16 inches | oil on canvas   by Michael Lynn Adams Recently old photographs of my family have fascinated me and I have felt compelled to reinterpret them in paint. It has become a special way to reconnect to some really wonderful people. For

John O’Donohue on Creativity and the Divine Imagination

January 8, 2017
  “At the deepest level, creativity is holiness” Handmade Brushes | 9″x12″ | Oil on Linen Panel | Michael Lynn Adams Available at Principle Gallery, Charleston, NC I needed to share this from one my favorite authors on beauty, the late poet philosopher John

White Mums  
A Short Video Demo

January 7, 2017
White Mums – A Short Video Demo • White Mums was an early experiment in floral painting for me. I was fascinated by the surfaces and textures and found the challenge of recreating their effects exhilarating. I have to say I was happy with the results. DEMO NOTES: 0:04 – Pencil drawing on

Leather Box
A Short Video Demo

January 4, 2017
Leather Box: A Short Video Demo   This leather box originally belonged to my grandfather, Lewis G. Adams. He has been my life-long inspiration and hero. An American art student in Paris during the 1920’s, he became a major architect in New York City. He was also an accomplished

Meyer Lemons
A Short Video Demo

January 3, 2017
Meyer Lemons – A Short Video Demo  • Meyer lemons are wonderful. They have a magic balance of tart and sweet. Perfect for making all manner of tasty treats. My favorite? Margaritas! The bounty of lemons arrives in late fall to early winter. I love that summer sunshine is packed in these

Three New Roses

January 1, 2017
Maybe it’s California’s drought…   Walking in our backyard after a morning drizzle and seeing droplets on their leaves and petals compelled me to paint these lovely roses. The water is so precious in California now. A beautiful rain storm washed months of dust from our garden

Fresh Bread Provence  
A Short Video Demo

December 31, 2016
Fresh Bread Provence – A Short Video Demo A SHORT VIDEO DEMO Fresh Bread Provence  |  12×16 inches  |  Oil on Canvas • Fresh bread glistening and warm, the centerpiece of an perfect breakfast in Saint Remy de Provence. Savoring a gorgeous June morning with these treats, large cups of

Santa Rita Hills  
A Short Video Demo

November 4, 2016
Santa Rita Hills – A Short Video Demo Santa Rita Hills | 9×12 inches | Oil on Canvas Panel • This is the view from the Lafond Winery’s picnic area in Santa Barbara wine country’s Santa Rita Hills. Lafond is hands down our favorite winery. We have been members for years. The

Italian Lemons now in Charleston

September 29, 2016
Italian Lemons Available at Principle Gallery Italian Lemons  |  20×16 inches | oil on canvas • Italy is beautiful beyond reason. Even lemons crammed into an overstuffed crate are gorgeous. Who can blame me for taken the time to drink it all in through painting it? Italian Lemons is

Zorn Limited Palette

September 27, 2016
Andres Leonard Zorn (1860-1920) is known for using a limited palette. It is believed that Zorn reduced his palette to as few as three rather earthy colors - Yellow Ochre, Cadmium Red Medium, Ivory Black plus White. There seems to be some disagreement over the exact number of colors on his palette.

Richard Schmid

September 27, 2016
Richard Schmid: A Great Artist and Teacher   Representational artists of my generation owe our ability to stand proudly in the art world today to a few courageous and incredibly talented artists of the late 20th Century. Artists who swam against the tide of Pop, post-modern, conceptual and

Peeled Lemon  
A Short Video Demo

January 4, 2016
Peeled Lemon – A Short Video Demo   Peeled Lemon | 9×12 inches | Oil on Canvas • The theme of this little painting, Peeled Lemons, is a favorite of mine – peeled fresh fruit with old books. This book is a prayer book dated 1715. I love the mix of textures. The intertwining of